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Regain control of your attention by understanding the tech that runs the world.

By self-hosting your own services and programming things yourself, you'll gain control of your data, your attention, and your life. Our goal at PageKey is to make that as simple as possible.

About us

Passionately committed to helping individuals take charge of their digital journey, our organization is here to support you every step of the way. Through easy-to-follow tutorials and guides, we make self-hosting applications a breeze, empowering you to navigate the tech world with confidence. What's more, we create open-source tools that enhance your experience, making self-hosting not just possible but also rewarding and accessible for everyone in our community.

What does PageKey do?

We'll give you plenty of free content to get you started on your tech journey.

Tutorials and Guides

We offer clear instructions on how to use various open source technologies, old and new.

Open Source Products

We create products that allow you to dive into the code, learn how they work, and manage your own data.


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