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Language Logging as the "One Thing" | Boom DevLog 5

I am starting a new take on an old project.

At boomlanguages.com, you can currently see the project I did in 2020-2021. I was determined to make this work, but the tech debt spun out of control and it became impossible to maintain. When this happened, I lost interest.

Two things are different this time around - first, I’m starting a completely new codebase using React Native. Second, I’m focusing on exactly one feature first, one that I will be able to use every day, myself. Until I can get this right, no new features! The core needs to be there before I move onto the rest. The existing Boom Languages has a ton of features, but none of them are well-implemented or useful. While I learned a ton creating the Flutter/Rails version of Boom, I need a fresh start with a new perspective - and a lot more focus.

Let’s see how far this goes!

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