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DAW12: Tauri filepicker

Wow, who knew how easy it was to pick files using Tauri! Not only do we pick a file, but we pick a plaintext-daw song file AND invoke Python from Tauri, all in just a few lines of code.


  • 0:00 Momentum
  • 0:30 Merging Create Tauri App
  • 0:38 Intro
  • 1:20 Simplest possible test
  • 1:53 Using Command to make shell call
  • 2:01 Open Project button
  • 2:22 Failing at the JavaScript API
  • 2:51 Message dialog using Rust (via Tauri)
  • 3:29 File picker working!
  • 4:27 Render working!
  • 5:07 Outro, what’s next
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