First Time Programmer

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This series is an introduction to programming, intended to explain basic concepts in an intuitive, non-threatening way.


1. Get your feet wet

Coding is not scary! It's really easy to get started. Send this video to anyone you know who wants to get started with programming, but doesn't know how.

over 1 year ago • April 7, 2022

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2. Instantly apply concepts with JavaScript

In this video, we go through web programming for the absolute beginner and get our hands dirty with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

over 1 year ago • June 27, 2022

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3. VSCode, Emmet Coding, Serving Static Files

In this video, we talk about VSCode, Emmet Coding, and Serving Static Files.

over 1 year ago • July 4, 2022

4. Git: Your Foundation

Git is the foundation to your advancement as a programming. Let's figure out how to use it.

over 1 year ago • July 11, 2022

5: Collaborating with Git

In this video, we discuss how to collaborate with Git.

over 1 year ago • July 18, 2022

6: Using Other People's Code - NPM and Node

In this video, we learn how we can build on code that others have written using NPM and Node.js.

over 1 year ago • July 25, 2022

7: Create a Simple API - Express.js

In this video, we write a simple API with Express.js.

over 1 year ago • August 1, 2022