These projects are in active development by PageKey.

Boom Languages

Boom is a language learning app focused on crafting a language learning experience. It helps you document your language learning journey and find places where you can improve.

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PageKey Operating System

Have you ever thought about how computers work at the lowest level? How do we actually talk to CPUs and hardware? This project is all about exploring where the rubber meets the road by creating our own operating system that talks directly to the CPU, with no other software abstractions in-between.

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These projects are not actively developed, though someday they may be brought into focus again.

Plaintext DAW

This project was all about using human-readable text files as the save format for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This would allow people to collaborate on music using the same tools that software engineers use to collaborate on code.

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Markdown Sitegen

This was an attempt to create a Static Site Generator (SSG) using Python.

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KeyReader was an attempt at creating a e-book reader in React Native.

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