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KeyReader was an attempt at creating a e-book reader in React Native.


1. Can we build our own Kindle, with a twist?

Have you ever wanted to READ and LISTEN to a book at the same time? If so, watch on while I show you the pitch, plan, and design for KeyReader, a proposed app that gives you the option to listen and read the same book, switching between these two activities seamlessly.

over 1 year ago • August 29, 2022

2. Generating the Project and Adding Screens

In this video, we generate the React Native project for KeyReader and add placeholders for all of the screens we defined in the previous video.

over 1 year ago • September 5, 2022

3. Eric Adds Components

In this video, Eric adds basic components to our KeyReader app.

over 1 year ago • September 19, 2022