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DAW10: ResourceManager is DONE

At last, we’ve finished refactoring all the code into a single, well-tested ResourceManager class and updated the CLI to call this new code. All tests are passing; we have some new code debt, but that’s okay for now.


  • 0:00 Merging #11 by LTstrange
  • 1:27 Debugging test failure
  • 2:04 Writing test_get_instrument from Git
  • 5:40 Mocking get_clip calls
  • 7:16 Tip: How to check what is being called
  • 7:59 How to patch external dependencies
  • 9:10 clone_git_repo implementation
  • 12:23 Catching a mistake with the tests!
  • 13:33 FULL TEST of new architecture
  • 15:14 Why the config loader method is good
  • 15:40 Finally working
  • 16:02 What’s next / outro
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